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فيلا مع مسبح خاص – حامات

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فيلا نع نسبحخاص موجودة بحامات, 9 دقايق عن قلب البترون. الفيلا موجودة بمنطقة هادية و عندها منظر رائع. واسعة من جوا و بتساع 12 شخص نايميين, بينما برا الحديقة بتساع 30 شخص لمناسبة خاصة. و بالإضافة للمسبح الخاص, رح يكون عندكن ملعب كرة سلة الكن كمان. ريحو نفسيتكن بطريقة مرتبة بهالمكان المميز!


قعدت نار
كهرباء ٢٤ ساعة
مسبح خاص
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وقت الخروج 1:00 pm
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فيلا مع مسبح خاص – حامات
Rodrigue Rizk

2.0 "Mr"

We have spent yesterday’s night in the villa, and there were some good things and some bad tings . Good things: the pool was nice to have at night, the place has a dry weather so you don’t sweat a lot. Bad things: not clean enough, floor was dirty, pool had a lot of garbage in the bottom, cigarettes leftovers, the soap which was used in the bathroom does not clean enough, and it was the same soap that was put for dishwashing. The host told us that we need to clean every plate that we use, knowing that usually when on vacation, people don’t really want to do that, but regardless, we did it cause he asked for it (note: they do not have a lot of cutlery). The place mentioned that they had ACs before, however, when we came and saw the place, it had no ACs, and the host told us that they had put “fans” for us to use instead.. So we were miss-leaded as we really wanted to escape the heat from Beirut.. It was hot(clearly we are in Summer), yet there was no AC(they had it mentioned under amenities but later on removed it after we came in). Wi-Fi also was not available, unfortunately, they blamed Ogero for it and said that internet has been cut from all 🇱🇧 in the past few days, even though that was wrong. Best part is that they had 24/7 electricity, however, the generator used was extremely loud, so we did not even sleep at night, and after we talked to the host, he was like “the generator is half-silent”.. To be honest, the experience was bad overall, knowing that we paid 340$/370$ for 9 people.. This is not a cheap place, so I think the host should really use higher quality items, and actually get a private entity to cleanup the place everytime it gets used..
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فيلا مع مسبح خاص – حامات
Ibrahim Khayal

2.0 "Worst staycation ever - amenity list is not accurate!"

Where should I start? No Air-conditioning in 35 degree Celsius scorching heat wave they provided us with fans (Even though it was mentioned in the description they have Air Conditioning and we have screenshots —update: it's now removed) Cleanliness is zero — the villa is barely cleaned the floor is dirty and dust is everywhere! Dish washing soap is used for handwashing and there is no shampoo in the showers. 1 Roll of toilet paper per bathroom: we had to buy extra toilet paper and our soap as this was not enough for 10+ people. The pool was dirty and there were cigarette buds on the pool floor and around it in the garden. No wifi of course. (they blamed Ogero) There is 24-hour electricity (surprisingly they got this one right) however there is a catch! The backup generator is VERY LOUD and it is right below the bedrooms they said that it would only run for two hours at night and then the main generator would run after it but that did not happen the backup generator kept running till early morning hours we did not sleep the whole night! And no you cannot close the windows because there is no air-conditioning (check point 1) This is very sad because the owner has a very nice property with all the potential to become the best staycation you might have (location, villa, and pool) but he failed to provide the basic necessities for a comfortable stay. (Side note and to be fair: the owner deducted $30 from the fee after we complained about the missing amenities — they blamed Kazderni App for putting the wrong amenities list!) Advice to whoever is going to book this villa next: CALL and ask about each amenity as it may not be available. And if you are comfortable with all the points I mentioned in the review you will enjoy your stay!
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