Terms & Conditions

By requesting this booking you Agree to the following Kazderni terms and conditions.

Abuse & Misbehavior

If you book a guesthouse you must comply with guesthouse rules and respect the property.  The rules could reference a limitation on loud music, the number of guests that can spend the day or sleep, and smoking restrictions as examples.  You must also respect the property and physical assets such as the beds, tables, doors, and windows.  A guesthouse might hold you legally and financially liable to any damage that results from misbehavior.

If you book an activity or tour you must comply with the rules of the activity or tour guide.  Not following directions can sometimes lead to bodily harm or possibly death with some high risk activities.  You must comply with all rules and safety standards to avoid the possibility of a tragic outcome.

Refund Policy

Upon making a payment on a guesthouse or activity the guest must comply with the hosts refund policy.  Some hosts do NOT offer any refund, some are willing to return a partial refund, and others are willing to make a full refund.  Each host has the right to set their own rules when it comes to the refund policy.  Kazderni will mediate between the host and the customer if there  is a misunderstanding, otherwise the guesthouse and host rules will apply fully and completely to the refund policy.

Hosts have the right to not offer a refund, because by reserving a date or time for you, it may have prevented someone else from booking the same date and time.